Carolina and Matt: a Central London Couple Shoot

I met Carolina and Matt on a sunny summer’s day in central London.  Both are actors and models and so were very relaxed and used to being in front of the camera! I loved hearing their stories about their work- I admire anyone who can follow their passion and work hard to achieve it.

We took a walk through the beautiful residential streets of Mayfair to Mount Street Gardens.  This little hidden gem is my absolute favourite hideaway in central London. It is tucked away behind Edwardian red bricked mansion blocks on either side and a church at each end.  I think that people must walk straight past it; thinking that it is a church yard.  Even in the middle of the week, there is always a spare bench to sit on and it is virtually silent, save for the sprinklers watering the grass and the occasional sound of a violin being played in the music school close by.

I loved spending time photographing Carolina and Matt. They were so much fun, effortlessly cool and both had such an infectious energy. They created some sizzlingly hot photos! Here are a few of my favourites from the day.


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