Holly and Tom: A Breath-Taking Andalucían Wedding

I loved capturing this breath-taking wedding in Spain last month.  Holly and Tom tied the knot in style and the day was filled with so much love, laughter and amazing music.  And did you EVER see such a beautiful bride?!

Holly and Tom got married at the stunning venue Fain Viejo , which is set in the historic region of Andalucía near the town of Arcos de la Frontera. The hacienda has been in Ana Zaiba’s family for many generations, so it maintains buckets full of its original charm. Holly and Tom got married outside, against the backdrop of olive groves, before raising a celebratory glass with their friends and family within the walled courtyard of the hacienda. In the evening, everyone dined by the light of the stars and a few beautiful spherical lanterns hanging from the olive trees.

Everyone partied until the wee small hours and the band “The Q” were downright incredible. I must admit that I couldn’t help having a little boogie around whilst capturing the guest’s amazing dance moves!!

This was such a beautiful wedding and I really enjoyed capturing the day.  Holly and Tom, thank you for having me, it was a joy to spend the day with you and your guests.

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