New Orleans Travel Photography

I fell in love with New Orleans as soon as we arrived.  It’s very difficult not to. There’s a real joy to be experienced in New Orleans and it’s a city that plays to the senses.  From the constant party atmosphere that pervades the city, to the beautiful colonial-era balconies of the French Quarter, to the incredible sugary beignets (seriously worth the trip just to experience these melt-in-the-mouth doughnutty delights!)  to the best free concerts of your life. Never have I experienced so many talented buskers in one place.  It took us forever to explore the city because around every corner there was another group of incredible artists performing and you couldn’t just pass them by.

One evening we went out for dinner and stumbled upon these guys. The Young Fellaz brass band who apparently play brass band swing on Frenchman Street most evenings. Their music was making people stop and listen and dance in the street. They turned an average street corner into a seriously happy party!

By pure coincidence we were there for Halloween and the realistic costumes (Americans really do go all out on Halloween!) mixed with Voodoo stalls and spooky actors that were way too convincing made for a seriously eerie Halloween in the French Quarter.

It was only a fleeting visit as we had a whole US road trip planned, but we left feeling so happy to have experienced this amazing city and very reluctant to be saying goodbye…