Alphabites Food Photography

A few days ago I had the wonderful opportunity to take some “behind the scenes’ photographs for food blogger Robyn, who writes the International Alphabites blog.

Robyn began the blog after being inspired by the concept of micro-adventures: that simple challenges can be close to home, inexpensive and easy to organise.  She has taken on the challenge to cook her way through the alphabet, via countries and regions of the world. Have a read of her ‘About’ page- she puts it much better than I can!

I find Robyn very inspiring.  I admire people who have a passion and work hard to be good at it.  That is exactly what Robyn has done with her cookery and more recently with her blog.  She hasn’t made it easy for herself by cooking cuisines from around the world depending on whichever letter is prescribed next!  But having tasted her cooking (Spanakopita, Baba Ghanoush and home made bread, yum!!!) I can vouch that it is some of the best food that I have tasted and she has every right to be very proud of it.  Robyn, next time I burn the toast I’m coming to your house 🙂

Robyn 36

Robyn 2Robyn 4 Robyn 30UntitledRobyn 26Robyn 31Robyn 22Robyn 9 Robyn 10 Robyn 11 Robyn 12 Robyn 13 Robyn 14 Robyn 6 Robyn 35Robyn 2Robyn 15