Portrait Photo Swap

It has been such a busy few weeks that I am only just getting around to sharing this post with you.  A few weeks ago I had the privilege of doing a portrait swap with the very talented Julie Michaelsen, of  Julie Michaelsen Photography.

Julie is an inspiration as she gave up her job in finance in order to become self employed and pursue a career as a photographer.  And what a brilliant photographer she is.   You can read her story here.

I try to avoid having my photograph taken at all costs.  I would put money on the fact that I will be pulling a stupid face or blinking in every photograph that is taken of me.  Put me on the other side of the camera lens any day!  However, both Julie and I needed portrait photographs for the ‘About Me’ pages of our respective websites.  So we decided to do a portrait swap.

Hats off to Julie – it is the mark of a talented photographer that they can put you at ease in front of the camera when you’re so used to being behind it! Being photographed by Julie is a joy and we had so much fun.

Thank you for my photos Julie, I love them!  Here are some of my favourites from each of us.

SophieChadwickPhotography12SophieChadwickPhotography23 SophieChadwickPhotography19SophieChadwickPhotography13JulieMichaelsenPhotography1 SophieChadwickPhotography14SophieChadwickPhotography21JulieMichaelsenPhotography2JulieMichaelsenPhotography6SophieChadwickPhotography22JulieMichaelsenPhotography4SophieChadwickPhotography25