Light, bright, London yoga shoot

George Eastman (who founded Kodak and popularised the use of roll film…thank you Mr Eastman!) once said that that “light makes photography.  Embrace light.  Admire it.  Love it. But above all, know light.  Know it for all you are worth and you will know the key to photography”

In photography, light can transform a landscape, create drama, change mood, and inspire awe.  It can be the difference between a beautiful piece of art and a terrible photograph.  Or, in fact, no photograph at all!

For that reason, to find a place to shoot with plenty of gorgeous natural light is a photographers dream.  This is what happened when I recently took some portrait photographs for yoga teacher Sarah.

It was a gorgeous sunny day but the light was mostly diffused as it poured in through the floor-to-ceiling windows, creating bright, fresh images.   This was mirrored by the fact that Sarah is such a natural beauty and the whole shoot was a joy.

These are a few of my favourites from the shoot.


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