To The Lighthouse

Guernsey is just plain beautiful and I fell in love with it as soon as I stepped off the plane. At times, the clear sea and sandy beaches could have you thinking that you were on the Sardinian coast.  However, it was freezing!

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Beautiful Oxford!

A short while ago I did a shoot in Oxford and couldn’t help but stay for a while longer and explore the beautiful city.  Considering that it is so close to London, I rarely go but this trip reminded me that I really should.  From trendy Jericho in the North-West, through the colleges and cobbled streets in the centre, to the East of the city with its cheap eats and ‘tucked away’ bars, this really is a stunningly diverse city. Continue reading

Light, bright, London yoga shoot

George Eastman (who founded Kodak and popularised the use of roll film…thank you Mr Eastman!) once said that that “light makes photography.  Embrace light.  Admire it.  Love it. But above all, know light.  Know it for all you are worth and you will know the key to photography”

In photography, light can transform a landscape, create drama, change mood, and inspire awe.  It can be the difference between a beautiful piece of art and a terrible photograph.  Or, in fact, no photograph at all! Continue reading

Portrait Photo Swap

It has been such a busy few weeks that I am only just getting around to sharing this post with you.  A few weeks ago I had the privilege of doing a portrait swap with the very talented Julie Michaelsen, of  Julie Michaelsen Photography.

Julie is an inspiration as she gave up her job in finance in order to become self employed and pursue a career as a photographer.  And what a brilliant photographer she is.   You can read her story here.

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Happy Friday!!

It’s 4pm on a Friday and we all know that you’re not working.  You’re sitting at your desk doing a good job of pretending to work but you’re clock watching and refreshing Facebook and waiting for the weekend to hurry up and arrive. Continue reading